Welcome to St Mary Mother of God Catholic Church Kirkby Liverpool

Our address is: Kennelwood Ave, Northwood, Kirkby, Liverpool L33 6UF

Telephone: (0151)  5463838   Fax: (0151) 5486509

Email: st.marys195@googlemail.com

Parish Priest: Fr. Frank Bray MSC

Mass Times: First Mass of Sunday, Saturday Evening 7.30pm

Sunday Morning: 10.00am

There is a service in Church every morning at 9.30am followed by the Rosary with Mass celebrated usually on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

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SYNOD 2020

Parish Delegate: A person willing to attend all synod meetings over two year period. Able to report back to the parish regarding synod meetings. Parish Delegate Substitute: A person willing to do all the above and ready to stand-in or take over the role completely if necessary. Selecting a Delegate and Sub-delegate

  1. you may nominate yourself.
  2. you may nominate another whom you believe will take on the role of delegate.
  3. nomination paper and envelops available at the back of the church from weekend 17/18 November 2018.
  4. you are free to hand your envelope into the sacristy or the presbytery up to and including the weekend of the 24/25 November 2018.
  5. Results will be announced and published the weekend 1/2 December 2018.
  6. Names will be submitted to synod committee immediately thereafter.

thank you.