October 17th 2021       


29th  Sunday in Ordinary Time



SATURDAY  4:30pm

May Edwards (B/D/R) Tina and Stephen King (S/I) Jean (ANNIV) RAY (L/D) Humphreys  


Anne Brennan (L/D) Bridie Quinn (L/D)

MONDAY  People of the Parish

WEDNESDAY    9:30am Holy soul Steph Cooke (S/I)

Friday 9:30am      John Graham (S/I) Marie Houghton (L/D)

 SATURDAY  4;30pm  Elizabeth Cowhig (ANNIV) Mary Weir (S/I)

SUNDAY  10am Dorothy Penn (L/D) Kevin O’Donnell (ANNIV) Linda Barton (ANNIV)

We remember all who have died recently  especially  Margaret Doyle, Paul Lackey, Francis Kelly, and all whose anniversaries occur about this time.           


To protect us all, and especially those most vulnerable, some coronavirus precautions are still in place. Please continue to ensure that masks are worn in church, hand sanitizer is used on entering and leaving and that you observe social distancing. Thankyou for your understanding and cooperation. To all those unable to attend: we continue to remember you at each celebration of Mass

TWENTY-NINTH SUNDAY in ORDINARY TIME: As Jesus nears Jerusalem, there is still a sense that the disciples are hoping for some big victory that will see Jesus made king. Despite having heard Jesus three times predict his suffering, death and resurrection, James and John still dare to ask to have privileged seats when Jesus enters into his glory. Again and again, Jesus teaches his disciples that true greatness lies not in power, prestige and authority but in the humble service we can offer to one another. This lesson is difficult to learn, however, and it seems that the disciples (like us) need constant reminders to let go of the desire for personal gain. Jesus invites his followers to take ambition for greatness and turn that energy into serving those most in need. Who are your models of Christian service and unselfish generosity?


World Mission Day: Next Sunday is WORLD MISSION SUNDAY, a day that unites Catholics worldwide to pray and celebrate our mission to share God’s love with all people. We are invited to contribute to the work of “Missio”, the charity for World Mission. For more information visit


First Confession and First Holy Communion Programme :  Are you the parent/guardian of a child who is in Year 5 and is baptised, who you would like to begin the preparations for these two Sacraments? There is a very important meeting for PARENTS ONLY to attend: St Marie’s RC Primary School on Tuesday October 19th at 9:15 am OR Sts Peter & Paul RC Primary School on Tuesday October 19th at 2:30pm OR St Mary’s Church (Kennelwood Avenue) on Wednesday October 20th at 7pm. Please note that you only need to attend ONE of these meetings.


Change of Mass Time at St Mary’s Church: Please note and spread the word that the Saturday evening Mass at St Mary’s church has now moved to the earlier time of 4:30pm.


Parish Pastoral Council: This weekend is your final opportunity to nominate members to the parish pastoral council. Please use the forms at the back of church to nominate one or two people whom you believe have the time, gifts and talents to be members. Be sure to speak with the person/people to see if they are happy to have their names go forward for nomination. Membership of the Parish Pastoral Council will involve about 7 meetings a year. There is a box at the back of church to place your completed nomination forms in Thank you for taking the time to do this. It shows your concern and interest for your parish community.





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