FIFTEENTH SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME


(Memorare To Our Lady of the Sacred Heart)

Remember, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart,  the great things the Lord has done for you. He choice you for his Mother. He wanted you close to his Cross. He gives you a share in his glory. He listens to your prayer

Offer him our prayer of Praise and thanksgiving; present our petitions to him. Let us live like you in the love of your Son, that his kingdom may come.

Lead all men and women to the source of living water that flows from his heart, spreading over the world hope and salvation, justice and peace. See our trust in you; answer our prayer. Show yourself always our Mother.                                                                                   Amen



There is Adoration of the Blessed Sacramejunent before the weekday masses at St Mary Mother of God Church, 9:00am and at Saints Peter and Pauls Church 9:30am. Interested Parishioners are welcome to the Adoration.

The Sacrament of Confession/Reconciliation is available before and after Mass on weekdays and Saturdays.

 SATURDAY. 13th July 4.30pm Mass. 

Catherine Nkuo (L/D); Peter Ross (Ordination); Mary Tuily (L/D); Nora Robinson (L/D). 

 SUNDAY  14th July Mass.

Bernadette Carty (thanksgiving); Sodie Benson (Ann); Joan Donaldson (Ann) Lois Mailey (thanksgiving) Tracy F (S/I); Patricia Flemming (L/D).

WEDNESDAY  17th July Mass 9.30am. Travelling mercies for Lourdes Pilgrims, Nora Robinson (L/D)

 FRIDAY  19th July Mass 9.30am. Allen Family(Rem) 

SATURDAY 13th July Mass 4.30pm. Elizabeth Dean (L/D) Joe Devereux (L/D) Nora Robinson (L/D) William Allen (Rem)

 SUNDAY 14th  July. 10am Mass. Bridie& Joseph Towson (Rem) Sally & Bernard Smith (Rem) Ann & Alfie Drew (S/I) Billy Cavanagh (S/I) Ian MacKenzie (S/I)


We remember all who have died recently, especially all those who have died in the invasion of Ukraine and all whose anniversaries occur about this time.            


Support for Ukraine:The Liverpool Archdiocese has launched an urgent and major appeal to support Ukraine. All donations will be sent to the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London. The text numbers are as follows: Text HELPUKRAINE to 70085 TO DONATE £2, Text HELPUKRAINE to 70450 to donate £3; Text HELPUKRAINE to 70460 to donate £5; Text HELPUKRAINE to 70470 to donate £10. More information can be found on the website:

The Sacrament of Confession/Reconciliation is available before and after Mass on weekdays and Saturday.


Answer to last weeks (?) A Doxology is a short hymn sung or spoken of praise of God.Example the Eucharist 1 through him with him and in him in the unity of the holy Spirit.

2 For the Kingdom the power the glory or yours now and forever
1 Where did Jesus sweat blood ,or or sweat  “like blood”? (Luke 22::24)
2 When Jesus was arrested, which Jewish official did he see first? (John 18:13)

Answer to last week’s quiz Gloria Patri.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen

Can you name the two Doxologies what are said by the Priest during the Eucharist?,

1 Who recognized Jesus as the messiah when he was presented in the temple as a baby? ( Luke 2:25-36)

2 On which Island was Paul shipwrecked? ( Acts 27:27) & ( Acts 28:10 )
3 Where did Peter Encounter  a large blinding light? ( Acts 9:3-9 )

4 Who was the first person to come to the injured person in the parable of the good Samaritan?  ( Luke 10:31-32 )

1 Who prophesied that Paul would be bound by the Jews and handed over to the Gentiles? (Acts 21:10-11)

2 Who foretold that Jesus would be given the throne of his ancestor David? ( Luke 1:30-33)
3 Who saw a vision of a great sheet filled with unclean animals? (Acts 10:11-15)

4 What did Jesus say would be the sign of the end of time? ( Matthew 24:6-8)

1 What did Jesus say to his disciples? when they woke him up during a storm at sea? (Matthew 7:26)

2 What was the name of the prophet, who prophesied about Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem? ( Zechariah 9:9)
3 What did Jesus say toPilate when the governor asked what he had done? (John 18:36)

4 Which book in the old testament describes the suffering of Jesus? ( Isiah 531-2)

1 Which King in the bible got leprosy? ( 2nd Chronicles 26:19-24)

2 What name was Moses to give to the Israelits when asked who sent him? (Exodus 3:14)
3 Which two dangerous animals did David protect his flock from? ( 1 San=mual 17:34-36)

4 What is the name of the island where John wrote the  book Revelation? (Revelation 1:9)

1 What did Peter say the day of the Lord would be like? (2nd Peter 3:10)

2 What did the Angel in the book of Revelation tell John was “the spirit of the prophecy”  (Revelation 19:10)
3 Who did Jesus say would rise up and deceive many in the last days? ( Matthew 24: 11-25)

1 How many Israelites does John say are sealed in the book of Revelation? ( Revelation 7:4)

1 What was the name of the high priest servant whose ear was cut of by Simon Peter? (John 18:10)

2 Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea. Who was the great King at the time? ( Matthew 2:1)
3 The wind bloweth where it listeth, said Jesus to whom? (John 3:4-8)

4 What ran violently down a steep place and Perished in a Lake?(Mark 5:13)

1 How did Elisha die? (2 Kings 13:14-22)

2 Who did David ask Saul’s son Ishbosheth to return to him? ( 2 Samuel 3:14)
3 What does Malachi’s name mean? ( Malachi 3:1)

4 How many Kings did the Israelites kill to claim the land the Lord had Given them? (Joshua 12:7-21)

1 Who was the name of  Gideon’s Father? (Judges 6:11-12}

2 Where would you find a prayer for mercy/ (Lamentations 6)
3 What was the name of Naomi’s Husband? (Ruth 1:3)

4 Who was the Father of Moses? (Exodus 6:20-21)

1 What did Jesus say the sellers had turned his house of prayer into? (Matthew 21:12-13)

2 In New Jerusalem where are the names of the Twelve Tribes of Israel written? (Revelation 21:12)
3 Which Tribe of Israel looked after Religious aspects of life? (Deuteronomy 33:10)

4 Where was Paul when he wrote the letter to Philemon? (Philemon 1:1)

1 Where did Jesus heal the widow’s son? (Luke 7:11-15)

2 Whose effigy was on the tribute they presented to Jesus? (Matthew 22:19-21)
3 In which Parable did Jesus say there will be joy in Heaven over the repentant sinner? Luke 15:7)

4 In the Bible, who is known as the weeping Prophet? (Jeremiah (9:1)

1 Who was the Judge who defeated the Midianites with only 300 men? (Judges 7:23)

2 What water did Moses part? (Exodus 21:22)
3 Where did David go after Saul continued to hunt him? (1 Samuel 23:14-29)
4 What was Abram name changed to? (Genesis 17:5)

1 Who was set free by Pilate instead of Jesus? (Matthew 27:26)

2 What were the last words Jesus said on the cross? (John 19:30)
3 Who asked Pilate for Jesus’ Body after the crucifixion? (Mathew 27;57-58)

4 Where was Jesus buried? (Matthew 27:60)

1 Where would you find Isaiah’s Hymn of thanksgiving? (Isaiah 12)

2 What did Jude warn about in his letter? (Letter from Jude 1-25)
3 Who talked to Jesus at the Transfiguration? (Luke 9:28-36)

4 Why did Jephthah Sacrifice his Daughter? (Judges 11:30-40)


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